The OAPlaza project proposes a mixture of strategic demolition, reuse, and new build. The various typologies across the site lend themselves to particular uses and functions.

The plaza – a convivial, social and inclusive space open for all generations in Rotherham, South Yorkshire. The plaza becomes a place to meet, and place to work, a place to learn, a place to shop.

When we think of ‘architecture’ and ‘care’, we may often think of the ‘care home’. However, general perceptions of the care home, often consider it a last resort.

The designed users are children and the third-age, as well as all generations in between.

The OAPlaza sees the revival of Rotherham High Street. A civic presence returns to centre of the town currently in demise, and becomes a place to meet.

The ‘celebration of age’ as a core theme of the project has informed the architectural language and choice of materials. Retaining and exposing the existing concrete frame, recognises and celebrates age, whilst the timber insertions and partitions symbolise something new.

Construction detail section through the Plaza space – illustrating the interface between existing frame and new envelope.

The secluded urban courtyard playground sees the existing concrete structure sail over, whilst the children of the intergenerational nursery play alongside their older counterparts.

The intergenerational nursery lies at the heart of the project. It is a shared place which brings together the young and older generations.

Away from the High Street, the short term accommodation quarters with communal house and courtyards lies secluded with glimpses of the town centre roof tops.

The accommodation quarters offers a short-term, co-living environment. Though one will not just be residing with fellow pensioners, but with ex-battery chickens too.