My name is Ashley Mayes. I’m an RIBA Part II Student at the Sheffield School of Architecture, and Architectural Assistant at Associated Architects in Birmingham.

I have been part of a talented team at Associated Architects since 2015, during which time I have undertaken freelance architectural work and other design related projects. I continue to explore further my interests in art, design, and photography; as my career in creative design has stemmed from my early desires to create and build ideas in both two and three dimensions. The notion of design is something I am intrigued and enthralled by – the idea of solving, inventing, and forming something unique is what I thrive on may it be architecture, art, photography, or graphics. Aside from when I’m dreaming up ideas, I am a keen cyclist and pianist.

If you have any work related enquiries or for anything else about my work and projects, then please don’t hesitate to contact me.